VsysCalendar WP8

VsysCalendar WP8 can sync with both Google and Windows Live.  And, allows you to full edit appointments.The calendar app offers three different calendar views, search functionality, multiple reminders and much more.

more details see blog.

There is a 5-day trial version so you can test it thoroughly.


VsysCalendar has many unique features. Some of features are described in the following.

Minimum steps
[adding a new appointment]

  1. the quick-editor is opened when you double tap an hour-cell (week-view is shrinked to day-view)
  2. you can use the time-slider when adjusting time
  3. enter title
  4. save

[changing date]

  1. the list-box  is opened when you tap a date-cell (month-view is shrinked to 3week-view)
  2. start drag&drop when you drag an appointment (at first, you must drag horizontal direction )
  3. drop it on other date-cell

Repeating appointments
[you can use the same rules which you use in Google Calendar.]

  • pattern: EveryDay, EveryWeek, EveryMonth, EveryYear
  • interval: 1-30
  • ends: Never, Number, Date

Good performance
[We confirmed that VsysCalendar works well when 10,000 appointments were created.]